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Hero based mobile PvP/PvE shooter
with deep meta-game


Heroic PvP and PvE modes

The true Esport PvP mode was created for those who love the pure drive, dynamic gameplay, and adrenaline rush from battles with real opponents. Here you can choose a hero with unique skills, test them in a quick fight, or then send him to a real tournament.
In PvE mode, you will complete dozens of story missions and go through the Path of Glory, leading you to the World of Closed Seals. Procedural level generation and hundreds of new abilities guarantee the coolest replay value and novelty feeling, even for an experienced player.
Matto's bow is the biggest bow in the world.
Shoot an enemy with a poisonous arrow. Deal Damage on Hit, Inflict Poison Status Effect, which deals damage over time and reduces the target's healing received.
Fires an explosive arrow that, on impact, deals damage, knocks back, and stuns an enemy. Also, the attack throws the hero himself back, from the place where the ability was used, regardless of whether he hit the enemy or not.
Using the power of the spirits, strengthens the arrows and shoots them at the enemy with high speed. During the duration of the ability, the hero gains immunity to all control effects.
Gloit is armed with lava gun, which sets the enemy on fire when hit
Power of stone - reduces all incoming damage to himself and allies.
Basalt wall - the hero calls a stone wall at the specified point.
Earthshock - the hero hits the earth causing an earthquake and faults with magma.


This is not a banal “shooter.” Here you can choose a character and fully customize it for yourself. Upgrade the hero’s deadly skills - and any weapon in his hands will sparkle with new colors. Your strength is in uniqueness - there can’t be two identical characters in the game.


December 2022
Closed alpha test. We plan to test PvP features in our game, get the feedback from our community. All alpha testers will get additional rewards upon release.
April 2023
Closed beta test. We plan to test PvP and PvE features, and get the feedback from our community. All beta testers will get additional rewards upon release.
November 2023
Open beta test. All users will have opportunity to start playing the game from this point. On the open beta, not all features will be available to play. We will open new features till release. All beta testers will get additional rewards upon release.
Q4 2024
Release. PvP and PvE. Pets game mode. Ships game mode. Lands and central hub. Full info available in our whitepaper. This is the Release Pase 1.
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