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Merry Christmas everyone!

During the Christmas and holidays period, we continue the Voiders development and we also continue our Dev blogs.

Our tournament version of the game is very near to being done and finished, and soon it will be available for all of you to play. Any user will be able to host their own friendly match, choose a team and fight on any game mode. You just have to choose this type of match and create it.

Shall we begin our dev blog?



This has been so far the most difficult hero to balance. Since he is a hybrid between damage and healing. We have decided that Gurg only have one turret from now, instead of two. But to compensate this, his turrets will have a hit-scan instead of a projectile. At the same time we also decreased his aggro range of the turrets, we still have to perform some testing, to ensure he is not too strong and not too weak and has a nice balance of both, in what he was intended to be in the first place.


We are thinking about reworking Trix her Stimpack ability, basically the ultimate, that gives Trix her speed buff to become much faster. We're currently thinking how to make this ultimate skill better and how to rework it. We are also thinking about removing the homing missiles ability of Trix. The plan is to have it a skill-shot based ability, since it already deals a lot of AOE damage.


Heavy rework on the snaring skill, now it will be called "plasma mine". The main idea is not stunning your enemies, but to significantly slow them down for a certain period of time. We have renamed this and updated it on the website too.


We have changed his overall textures, to make it slightly more vibrant and give him room for more colors. 



Your ultimate cooldown will now be counted and calculated in percentages, not in seconds anymore. The rest of your normal abilities will still be counted in seconds.


We plan to rework the shield visuals in our UI to make it look more dynamic and colorful. Up until now shields could only be generated, but we are thinking about shields that can also be healed somehow. It means that if a healer is healing a player, and this player had a full health bar, it will restore that player his shield instead. We are not removing the out of combat recovery of the player shields.


Weapon type chances with crit chance. We're removing the crit chance for certain weapons. Like the lava gun of Gloit because it's much easier to hit your targets with his weapon. We will add higher crit chance to some other weapons, example the one from Matto because he is much more difficult to play and need a lot more precision to hit your targets.


Hitscan weapons update. Some weapons will receive a total rework, to deal hitscan damage instead.

Weapon range halving and fall off damage. We will be cutting the range and damage that different weapons can deal when shooting from much farther away. We feel there was a lot of unfairness, when Gloit as a tank dealt tons of damage from far away, this simply made no sense and his range of damage will be reduced. Also we decided to all hitscan weapons will have this range damage reduction. This means that a player is going to have to think about the range they decide to fire and shoot from to deal effective damage. The closer you are to your enemy the more stabilized your damage becomes and the more it will deal.


Right now some heroes can stack their abilities and become immortal for a certain amount of time, we want to change this. The maximum damage reduction will be 50%. The other 50% will be counted as normal damage, it will increase a lot of fairness in team fights.

We want to fix our heroes collisions between team members, you can now run through your team members and not get blocked by them. However your abilities and bullets are still being body blocked by your teammates, so position yourself carefully!


What are the next steps in development and testing?

Once we will polish and finish our team system, we will do some tournaments for the community and also between different communities, let's see who will come out on top! Will the Voiders community be champions forever? One of our main goals right now is to finish the game for closed Beta testing.

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