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This is not a banal “shooter.” Here you can choose a character and fully customize it for yourself. Upgrade the hero’s deadly skills - and any weapon in his hands will sparkle with new colors. Your strength is in uniqueness - there can’t be two identical characters in the game.
The true Esport PvP mode was created for those who love the pure drive, dynamic gameplay, and adrenaline rush from battles with real opponents. This game mode built on the next base principles:
Choose hero
To win, the team must have heroes of all three archetypes: Tank, Damage, and Support. Choose your favorite archetype and play as your first hero.
Evolve him
When you collect enough items to craft, you can customize the hero. Unlock new abilities and upgrade your weapons.
When upgrading a hero, new talents will open up. Before each fight, you can change the hero\’s build to surprise your opponents with an interesting combination of skills. Here\’s the winning formula: a little bit of luck + your ingenuity!
The recipe for victory is simple. Choose a balanced team, an interesting build for your hero, and spice it all up with well-coordinated communication in battle. A well-deserved prize awaits the winners!


Each hero has three abilities that can be upgraded. As you upgrade your character, you gain new talents based on his abilities. Combine them and create a unique build for your hero. But remember - this only works in PvP mode. For PvE, we have prepared something else.
Skill A
Your hero’s abilities correspond to his base archetype. The first ability has a fast cooldown and is easy to use in combat. Pump it up and surprise your rivals!
Your abilities are different from each other: during battles, you will choose the one that suits you right now. Ability B is more powerful than Ability A and takes longer to recharge. However, leveling and using the first two abilities are the same.
The pride of any hero. It takes a long time to recharge and is applied according to its own rules. This is your joker. By playing an ability at the right moment, you can turn the tide of the battle and change its outcome.


Ready to surprise your enemies? Upgrade your hero’s abilities and combine new talents in an interesting build. To upgrade talents, you need to lead the character along the path of evolution, look for artifacts and craft them to upgrade talents.