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Voiders is competitive first-person shooter hero-based game that provides immersive PvP and PvE game experience. The Voiders gameplay mirrors everything you’d come to expect from a first-person shooter PvP/PvE game, but it also has deeply immersive metagames and Voiders stands alone as the first true competitive mobile PvP game.

We plan to make Voiders the biggest PvE and Co-Op game, with high replaybility, pets breeding, hub upgrading and many additional meta games.

It was an amazing world
inhabited by different creatures.
The life of the planet changed after
the fall of the Dark Crystal.

Darkness consumed matter, creating Rifts between worlds. The minion armies were the first to pass through the resulting dimensional tunnels. They collected energy for their master. After all, for the transition to another Universe, the former Indigo needs a lot, a lot of energy. And the usual course of life ... has changed. Vassals of Darkness invaded Universes and destroyed civilizations, increasing the power of their master. But heroes, from different Universes decided to stop the Darkness.
These heroes were Void travelers. So-called Voiders. Who had abilities to travel across the Voids and collectors of the might artifacts. After all, the power of these items endows the owner with amazing abilities. Only by gaining the gift of the Void, the heroes will be able to resist the impending danger and save the world from destruction. It's worth hurrying, because the dark army is close.

Choose your role

Tank heroes soak damage and shatter fortified positions, like closely grouped enemies and narrow chokepoints. If you’re a tank, you lead the charge.
Damage heroes seek out, engage, and obliterate the enemy with wide-ranging tools, abilities and play styles. Fearsome but fragile, these heroes require backup to survive.
Support heroes empower their allies by healing, shielding, boosting damage, and disabling foes. As a support, you’re the backbone of your team’s survival.