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All answers on popular questions
About the Voiders

What is Voiders

Voiders is competitive first-person shooter hero-based game that provides immersive PvP and PvE game experience. The Voiders gameplay mirrors everything you’d come to expect from a first-person shooter PvP/PvE game, but it also has deeply immersive metagames and Voiders stands alone as the first true competitive mobile PvP game.

Do i need to own NFT to play?

No. Voiders is absolutely Free to Play game. You don't even need to have a metamask or other wallets to play. You can start using it, only if you want to make some transactions.

What platforms?

We will ship the game on the mobile - AppStore and Google Play. Later all other major mobile launchers

Then we plan to port the game on PC.

Will game have cross play?

Yes and No. For PvP, game will not have any cross play features. But for PvE and all other game modes, Voiders will have crossplay. 

Main principles

What are Voiders team main principles?

Our main principles are:

1. Gamers to Gamers. We are gamers and know how does it feel, to play the game and having a fun. 

2. Game First. We develop game, not blockchain. We're game developers and our main task is to bring the fun and interesting game. Only then, we think about the blockchain.

3. We care about the audience and Esport. So there are no Pay To Win features in Voiders.

Voiders team

Who are behind the Voiders team?

Voiders consist of 55 passionate developers. All of them are working full time, with only one desire - develop and release Voiders. All of the teammates are gamers.