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Hero PvE

In PvE mode, you have to fight against insidious enemies and defeat Absolute Evil, visit the most remote corners of Calypso, and also find true friends. Be a loner or create a fighting faction with your comrades, but the main thing is to make yourself known in the new Galaxy as soon as possible.

PvE Progression

PvE game mode has absolutely different progression system. This system is not connected to the PvP
Each hero has three unique areas of specialization. Choose your favorite direction (or even all three) and upgrade your hero's skills. Create a build that will make you invincible in combat. But remember, a unique hero - unique enemies. The battle will be hot!
Choose and upgrade abilities that will be useful in your hero's specialization. Upgrading is bought for special points. Don't worry if you get bored with your choice, you will have the opportunity to reset all upgrades and change the build.
Pets are your companions
You can find, buy or rent a pet. It\’s always nice to return to a game where a beautiful, and if you\’re lucky, a very kind little animal is waiting for you. Instead of slippers, a pet brings joy (and bonuses). Decide what he will play with today: with the owner, a special toy, or with the spine of your enemy.


The procedural generation system will not let you get bored. The quality of the replayability will surprise you, and each passage of the level will be an interesting experience, even for the most experienced player.
With each change in difficulty, modifiers will appear. They evaluate your gaming skills at one level or another. You can reset the modifier using a special consumable. What modifiers will you come across next time? You won\’t know until you start a new level.
On some levels, you will encounter secret rifts leading to difficult trials. There are three types of trials: Trial of Strength, Trial of Agility, and Trial of Wisdom. Pass them and get a legendary reward, and with great luck - even an egg with a rare pet.

Special tasks

Special tasks are a chain of tasks unrelated to the plot.
The special task is limited in time and is only issued to the community once a month. It has both large tasks and small subtasks. For each completed task, you will receive additional points. Complete the entire special task, and you will collect the maximum possible number of points and also receive the winner\’s reward.