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Hello Voidlings!

Several heroes from our world are ready to fight faithfully at your side. It's time to meet one of them. Today we will show you the dossier of the first character.

Dossier No. 1. Trix

“The genius of engineering and the elusive roller skater Trix. Countless experiments in the workshop have led to the creation of unique inline skates that develop high speed. Among her other inventions, there is a special weapon that does not leave enemies a single chance: an underbarrel grenade launcher, an electric trap, and an acceleration device. And although some of them look like harmless toys, the Trix will overcome any enemy with them.


Name: Trix

Race: Human

Class: Damage Dealer

Planet: Speculum

Occupation: Engineer-inventor


Basic Trix skills: Rocket Launcher, Electro-shot, Time Shift and Pulse Rifle assault rifle. They are upgrading along with the level of the hero.

During the travels, Trix has mastered several useful survival skills. Fragile girl? No matter how!

After a month of wandering, Trix found an old Pulse Rifle assault rifle. She upgraded it by installing a Rocket Launcher to launch rockets from an underbarrel grenade launcher. Now it does not take much effort to smash half of a small spaceship.

While hunting for valuable petrified snake skins on a distant white planet, Trix learned how to set poacher traps. This led her to the idea of creating electric traps that could be thrown at enemies. Illegal gun dealers are willing to pay dearly for her Electro-shots, but this weapon is not for sale.

Trix's engineering skills helped create the tools to survive. Rockets and traps are powerful but slow weapons. Shot, reload, advance, shoot again and reload... Too slow for the Trix! The girl trained a lot, developed speed and skills to be faster than her enemies. However, this was not enough for her, and the brilliant engineer came up with a device that allows her to move to a whole new level of abilities. Time Shift - She can now move, fire and reload much faster than before.


Potential: With your help, Trix can develop in several directions for PvE mode. She has 3 skill trees, each with 6 levels: Elusive, Electric Spook and Rocket Trixer.

The first branch of Elusive will allow you to make Trix faster and more dangerous, because her first motto is: “Movement is power! It's time to start running."

The second motto: “So, let's improve here and here... Now it won't run away for sure.” With the Electric Spook development tree, you can make Trix's traps even more reliable.

“Everyone has favorite toys. Mine are rockets. We need to play with them ”- the last motto of the Trix. No wonder she was fixing an old assault rifle? If you want to develop a hero in this direction, then pay attention to the Rocket Trixer branch.

What do you think?

Is Trix ready to become an important part of your team?

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