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For daring adventures in the Voiders Universe, you’ll need a reliable ship (or even an entire fleet of ships). Get your first ship and upgrade it - feel like a real space pirate.

Your ship

Your ship is your fortress. The spaceship in Voiders is a complete means of transportation through the Calypso Galaxy. Ships can be upgraded with the various resources you encounter during the game. Upgrade your ship to fly to neighboring star systems for resources and technologies. The upgrade will allow you to travel further and faster. The captured resources will be useful for pumping pets.

Meta game

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a small ship, which is necessary for moving around our huge Galaxy. You can send your ship on space expeditions for resources. Engage in desperate battles if you want to get the most powerful ship. Upgrade your ship: this will reduce the flight time and put the resources of the most distant star systems at your feet. But be careful; sometimes, an experienced space pirate can return home empty-handed (and, in very rare cases, even lose a ship).
The better your ship, the more likely it is to return from an expedition with captured resources. They will come in handy for upgrading pets and other game joys, and any surplus can always be sold to other players.