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Get an egg and hatch your first pet from it. Pets can be raised, upgraded, bred from, played with, and sent into battle.

Pets in Voiders

There are eight powerful elements in the game (and four more secret indigo elements). They determine the set of abilities and appearance of the pet. Each pet corresponds to one of five archetypes, of which two are secret prestige archetypes.


To breed a pet, the player has to obtain the egg. This can be done via the marketplace, by minting, or by getting the egg as a reward while playing the game. Once the egg has been obtained, the player can breed it – this takes some time. The breeding process requires the player to use an evolution chamber in the laboratory.
Some eggs may need special modifications or upgraded chambers, and the better a chamber is and the more advanced its modifications, the faster the breeding process. Furthermore, to increase the chances of getting an Indigo pet, the player must use the best equipment in their laboratory.


Pets battle is a turn-based mini-game where each action takes 1 turn. The pet (owner) with the highest Speed parameter always starts the first turn. In PvE mode, there is no time limit per move, in PvP mode, time is limited. Player can choose between attack, defend and using certain skill buttons. When HP drops to 0, the Pet considired defeated. Depending on the game mode, additional level desig modifications can be applied to speed up the game.


Find or buy a pet egg
Take the egg to the lab and give it time to incubate. Remember, the more advanced the laboratory, the better the pet. The pet can be upgraded. To do this, develop the laboratory and get the necessary resources.
All pets love to play!
Buy toys and skins for your pet. Spend free time with him. Send your pet to fight other pets and take him to your PvE battles. Don’t let your pet get bored.
Your pet is not only a brave warrior but also a caring mother
Breed pets and get talented offspring. Each kid will be better than his parents: he can adopt their abilities or maybe become a unique indigo. The pet produces offspring five times.